When you shop, one of the factors you consider is the price of the item.  A lot of us would drive Rolls Royce™ cars and wear Rolex™ watches, if they were not so expensive.  So it is natural for you to be worried about how much it will cost to consult with a lawyer.  I understand your concerns.  Things you need to know about my practice:

  • Free Initial Consultation – Like many other lawyers, I will evaluate your case for free before I will agree to represent you.  My basic question is:  can I help you?  Some cases I will not take because they are out of state, or involve federal issues, or are areas in which I do not have sufficient experience.  IF I determine that I can help you, I will send you a contract and we will talk about my fees.
  • I Now Take PayPal – I want to reduce any difficulty you might have in paying me.  Thus, if it helps you, you can now charge my fees to your credit card through PayPal.  Under my agreement with PayPal, if you decide to use their service, I cannot also bill you directly.
  • My Fees Are Based On The Complexity of Your Case – At first, I was seeking the same level of retainer and hourly fee for each client.  However, some clients went to other lawyers, based on the fees that they were quoted by those attorneys. Thus, I have revised my fee schedule:
Type of Case Requested Retainer Hourly Fee
Complex, Multi-Month (e.g., appeals and utility regulatory cases) $5,000 $250
Medium, Multi-Week (e.g.,occupational license defense) $500 $175
Other (e.g., simple incorporations, single contracts) Market Price Market Price

On rare occasion, I will take a case on contingency.  In such a case, I ask for a percentage of the amount the client ultimately collects.  If there is no collection, I make no money.  As you might imagine, I only take cases on contingency that I believe I have a high percentage of winning.

  I have also been known to barter – exchange my legal services for something from my client.  So far, this has been a very rare occurrence.

Finally – and most rare of all – I will take some cases on a pro bono basis.  In those cases, I do not charge my client any fee.  So far, I have only handled such cases for friends or family.  I can envision doing such work for a cause in which I felt deeply.