Nursing License Defense

I Fight For Texas Nurses!

Nurses need help, too.  You spend most of your time caring for others.  If you are being investigated by the Texas Board of Nursing, you need help.  (In my experience, that Board is one of the most active in investigating the professionals it licenses in Texas).  I have been honored to help other nurses – put my experience to work for you.  Here are some frequently asked questions:

  • DO YOU HAVE A NURSING BACKGROUND?  No.  I am not trained as a nurse.  There are lawyers out there who are former nurses.  There are a few cases where it would probably be a good idea to have a lawyer who had nursing training or experience.  However, most of the cases I have seen involve allegations of simple, human errors.  If you have that type of case, please call me.
  • CAN I AFFORD YOU?  Nurses frequently work for long hours for low wages.  I understand that and have devised a fee schedule that takes your needs into account.  See my “Affordable”  page.
  • THE BOARD OF NURSING HAS OFFERED ME A PROPOSED ORDER.  SHOULD I ACCEPT IT?  The Texas Board of Nursing investigates numerous cases against nurses.  The only way they can resolve that many cases is to reach agreed orders with many of the accused nurses.  The Board’s staff does not know your particular circumstances, so you should not expect them to offer you the best possible order for your fact situation.  You need someone who has experience with such orders to review the order and let you know if it is the best for you.
  • THE PROPOSED ORDER ONLY REQUIRES ME TO TAKE A COUPLE OF CLASSES.  WHY SHOULDN’T I AGREE TO THAT?  You need to read the proposed order very carefully.  They usually say that you are agreeing to the findings of fact and conclusions of law.  Those conclusions usually say that your nursing license could have been revoked because of what they say you did.  This order will stay on your record, for anyone to see who has an internet connection.  Even a simple order can affect the rest of your professional career.  If you want help protecting your reputation, please call me.
  • I DIDN’T DO WHAT THE STAFF ACCUSES ME OF DOING.  WILL YOU FIGHT FOR ME?  I will fight to protect your reputation and your nursing license.  We will need to have a talk about your chances of success before the State Office of Administrative Hearings and the Board of Nursing.  In order to win some cases, it is necessary to appeal beyond the Board to the Court system.  I will explain all of your options and describe the advantages and disadvantages of each course of action.  In the end, YOU will decide the course that is best for you.  If you tell me to “fight,” I will fight with zeal and vigor.

Any other questions?  Contact me through the “contact” page on this web site or e-mail me at  If you are being investigated, it is important that you respond to the Board very quickly.  Contact me now – while you are thinking about it!