Peace Officer Defense

I Fight For Texas Peace Officers!

If you are a peace officer in Texas and you just got discharged from your job, I may be able to help you.  If you got a “dishonorable” or “other than honorable” reason checked on your F5, you have the right to appeal that decision to the State Office of Administrative Hearings.  I have over 30 years’ worth of experience in Administrative Law and have helped other officers.  Put my experience to work for you!  Here are some frequently asked questions:

DO YOU HAVE A PEACE OFFICER BACKGROUND?  No, I am not trained as a Peace Officer.  I know that there are peace officers that are now lawyers and I encourage you to look for such a lawyer if you think that only another peace officer can help you.  However, I will also tell you that I’ve read most of the F5 appeal decisions that are available to legal researchers and I cannot think of one that required a peace officer background to understand or litigate.

WHAT KIND OF CASE DO YOU HANDLE?  I handle appeals from adverse F5 decisions.  You should look at my blog about such decisions –   In my review of past cases, I see that most police departments or sheriff’s offices made some common mistakes, which can lead to inaccurate F5 reports.  If you think your F5 does not correctly capture the facts of your case, you may benefit from my help.

CAN I AFFORD YOU?  I understand that peace officers do not make a lot of money – especially if they have just been discharged.  I believe my rates are on the low end for lawyers that have my level of experience.  Check out my “affordable” page –

CAN YOU GET MY OLD JOB BACK?  That is not the purpose of an F5 appeal.  Getting your F5 fixed can mean that you have a better chance of getting hired by another department, but it will not get your old job back.

WHAT ARE MY CHANCES OF SUCCESS?  I’m asked this question all the time and I have to give a lawyer-like answer:  “It depends.”  In the majority of cases I have reviewed, the peace office got a revised F5 out of the process.  However, if the agency that discharged you did a good job in documenting its findings and if you truly violated a policy or procedure, you might not win.  I will give you a free consultation before you hire me.  I will look over your paperwork and talk to you.  I will not send you a retainer contract unless I think I can help you.

DO I HAVE TO COME TO AUSTIN?  If your case goes to hearing, you are most likely going to be required to come to Austin.  I have an office that is convenient to the State Office of Administrative Hearing location and you and I can work on your case out of this office.  However, it might only be one visit.  We can do most of the preparation for your case over the phone or over the internet.  If we do that, you will probably need access to a scanner or a fax machine to send me your F5 and other relevant documents.

Any other questions?  Contact me through the “contact” page on this website or e-mail me at  If you have an adverse F5, it is important that you act quickly – you can lose your right to appeal after 30 days!  Contact me now – while you are thinking about it!